Ford Powershift Problems – UK Specific

Have you ever seen the message “transmission Limited Function” on your dashboard? This is one of the terrifying messages a Ford driver can see as it tells that your vehicle has a problem with its powershifts. 

Do you know what is Ford Powershifts? If you or someone you know drives a Ford, you may have heard of “Ford Powershift problems.” and if not, you are at the right place. This article will provide you with the necessary information that you need to know about Ford Powershift problems, their correlation with the United Kingdom market, and its repair cost. 

Are Ford PowerShift gearboxes reliable?

Ford PowerShift

The introduction of a new gearbox in Ford brought more problems than good unless maintained as per the guidelines and caused many legal issues. 

Ford introduced a dual-clutch transmission system where one clutch is responsible for the engagement of even gears while the other clutch commands over the odd gears. The company achieved this system by having one input shaft inside another. However, a code generator may identify a problem that the model can not perform up to the mark. 

The gearbox is reliable until the oil and transmission filter maintenance are stick to the determined guidelines. These must be changed every three years or after every 38000 miles to keep your Ford functioning properly. 

Were there any Ford Powershift recalls in the UK?

With many incidents being reported due to the Ford Powershift problem, legal actions and claim files are rising against the company. As a result, Ford recalls many faulty vehicles in the UK. 

With the problems in the powershift, Ford began getting sued by 2017. Due to the fault in the absence of a parking brake, the parked car could move on its own, increasing the risk of a crash or accident. 

Ford replied positively to the lawsuits by paying for the maintenance and recalls over 35000 vehicles that showed the fault Ford replaced the transmission system in the models and stopped using it in the upcoming models. 

What is the typical Ford Powershift repair cost?

Ford Powershift error is an inherent problem in the gear system, and there is no solution to it. If you take your Ford to a mechanic for repair, you need to spend hundreds of Euros depending on the level of repair your vehicle demands. 

The simplest repair to keep running the gear system is replacing the oil and transmission filter, including the external filter, which costs £210 +VAT. The Clutch Replacement Inc Unit Rebuild costs £1900 +VAT to £2200 +VAT. The mechatronic Replacement costs around £916.67 +VAT to £1430 +VAT. These prices are quoted on an exchange basis and only when combined with clutch replacement.


The Ford powershift problems caused serious consequences for the leading manufacturers. Leading them to face severe law actions and had to pay penalties. The company also recalled a number of vehicles due to the manufacturing fault of the transmission system. The company stopped using the transmission system in the upcoming van models and replaced the transmission system of the vehicles that included the double gear transmission system.