Citroen Nemo Problems: Are They Reliable?

The Citroen Nemo was one of the first vans I ever owned, and it has a special place in my heart. I inherited this van from my parents when I was in high school, and I drove it for almost ten years. Thus, I am intimately familiar with the problems associated with this van.

Is the Citroen Nemo Reliable?

The Citroen Nemo is reliable overall. Sometimes I would notice excessive wear on the front tires, and I had a few other issues come up over the years.

Citroen Nemo Common Problems?

Citroen Nemo

I drove a Citroen Nemo for almost a decade, and I rarely had problems with it. However, there were some issues that I did encounter:

Citroen Nemo Engine Problems

The engine is reliable overall, but there was a time when I heard a lot of clunking sounds from the engine, especially when I was coming to a stop or changing gears. This was because of a faulty engine mount.

I had to fix this by removing the engine to access the mounts. The mounts were damaged, and I had to replace them to stop the clunking sound.

Citroen Nemo Gearbox Problems

Another problem I had with the Citroen Nemo involved the gearbox. Switching gears was usually a rough experience. I was able to resolve this somewhat by replacing the actuator.

Citroen Nemo Gear Selector Problems

Like with the gearbox, the Citroen Nemo also has problems with the loose gear selector. I was able to fix this by replacing the actuator.

Citroen Nemo Turbo Problems

I also had problems with the Citroen Nemo’s turbo. This included loss of engine power, black smoke in the exhaust, or unusual noises from the turbocharger. It was hard to identify the sources for all these problems, and I had to take the car in to get professionally repaired.

Citroen Nemo Injector Problems

There are several problems that can happen with the Citroen Nemo’s fuel injector. I ignored these problems for awhile and they almost caused permanent damage to the van.

These problems included a clogged EGR valve, damage to the engine, and blocked fuel. Replacing a faulty fuel injector was expensive, and I had to dip into my emergency savings to make these repairs.

Citroen Nemo Central Locking Problems

There are two central locking problems that can happen with a Citroen Nemo. There can be a problem with your key, there can also be a mechanical problem with the car.

I had mechanical problems and had to get help from a licensed mechanic. They had to remove the door and inspect the locking mechanism to see what is wrong.

If the problem is with your key, you can simply remove the battery from the key and find the right replacement battery.

What Is the Best Year for Citroen Nemo Vans In Terms Of Reliability?

The Citroen Nemo was produced from 2008 to 2017. I drove a 2009 model and I have heard that this was the most reliable year.

How Many Miles Can a Citroen Nemo Last?

A Citroen Nemo can last for almost as long as you maintain it. I kept my van in good condition and I was able to get over 200,000 miles on it before it was totaled.