Fiat Scudo Problems: Are They Reliable?

The Fiat Scudo has been a popular choice for businesses and families alike since it was first released in 1996. With its versatile interior and efficient engine, the Scudo has become a staple on British roads. Fiat, however, has recently been under fire for problems with the Scudo’s electrics and gearboxes. Keep reading to take a look at some of the most common Fiat Scudo van problems and determine for yourself whether they’re reliable enough to justify the price tag.

Is the Fiat Scudo Reliable?

Fiat Scudo

While the Fiat Scudo is a spacious and well-equipped van, it’s recently been critiqued for some problems it’s had with its electrical system and engine. One of the most common Fiat Scudo van problems is an electrical fault that can cause the van to lose power while driving. This problem is so widespread that Fiat was forced to recall over 100,000 Scudos.

Fiat has also been criticised for issues with the Scudo’s gearbox, with many drivers reporting that it’s difficult to change gears without grinding the engine.

Fiat Scudo Common Problems

Here are some of the most common Fiat Scudo problems that many star drivers have reported:

Fiat Scudo Door Lock Problems

Fiat Scudo vans have been known to have problems with their door locks, with many drivers reporting that the doors suddenly unlock while driving. This can be extremely dangerous and is a major problem for the Fiat Scudo.

Fiat Scudo Starting Problems

Another common problem with the Fiat Scudo comes with starting it up. Drivers have complained about having difficulty starting their Scudo, especially in cold weather, which can be a major inconvenience.

Fiat Scudo Turbo Problems

Turbo problems are also common in Fiat Scudos. Many drivers have reported that their turbo fails prematurely, and Fiat has been forced to issue a number of issues due to this problem as well.

Fiat Scudo Injector Problems

Injector problems are another common issue with the Fiat Scudo, with the injectors failing and needing to be replaced, which can be a costly repair for Scudo owners.

What is the Best Year for Fiat Scudo Vans in Terms of Reliability?

While Fiat has made some improvements to the Scudo over the years, it’s still plagued by many of the same problems. The best year for the Fiat Scudo in terms of reliability, however, is 2007, when the second generation of the van was released. However, even 2007 Fiat Scudos have been known to have electrical and starting problems.

How Many Miles Will a Fiat Scudo Last?

Even with the issues they may have, Fiat Scudos are built to last, with many drivers getting over 200,000 miles out of their vans. However, Fiat Scudos have been known to have problems that can cause them to break down prematurely.

The Fiat Scudo is a versatile van, but it’s not without its problems. If you’re considering buying a Fiat Scuo, make sure to do your research and be aware of the Fiat Scudo van problems. Fiat Scudos are still a popular choice for many drivers, but their reliability is questionable.