Citroen Dispatch Problems: Are They Reliable?

The Citroen Dispatch is a common sight on the roads. It is the preferred medium van of many tradesmen, it is competitively priced, it has reasonable running costs, and it comes in three body lengths to choose from. But what you may not hear so much about are the Citroen Dispatch problems.

Is the Citroen Dispatch reliable?

Citroen Dispatch

Judging but its popularity, the overall consensus seems to be that the Citroen Dispatch is a reliable van. Citroen boasts landing within the top 6 of the Fleet News FN50 reliability survey for four years running between 2014 to 2018. But of course, the reliability of any vehicle is subject to regular servicing and maintenance. And no van is without its flaws.

Citroen Dispatch common problems

Despite being a star when it comes to fuel economy, one issue with the Citroen Dispatch is that it has emerged to be the most clocked vehicle on the road. Let’s take a look at some of the common problems experienced with the Citroen Dispatch.

Citroen Dispatch engine problems

With the Dispatch, you have a choice between a 1.6 litre engine and 2.0 litre engine, petrol and diesel. However, it is a known problem for the head gasket to fail and need to be replaced. Also, be mindful that the timing belt must be changed on schedule to avoid bigger engine issues.

Citroen Dispatch gearbox problems

Dispatches range from a six-speed to an eight-speed automatic gearbox. It can be common for the gearbox mountings to wear and need replacing. Other common gear issues can include the pin in the selector spindle coming out, and the vehicle jumping out of gear. It is not unusual for the gearbox to need replacing.

Citroen Dispatch ECU problems

Quite unfortunately, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) of the Citroen Dispatch is located under the driver’s seat. This means that if water should find its way into the front of the cab, and get under the driver’s seat it can cause major concerns.

Citroen Dispatch central locking problems

Regarding the central locking system, the wiring and clips are known to be fragile. As a result, issues with the Dispatch’s central locking system are common. Additionally, with the Dispatch, the tumblers in the door locks tend to wear relatively quickly. If these aren’t replaced it becomes problematic to lock and unlock the doors.

What is the best year for Citroen Dispatch vans in terms of reliability?

In terms of reliability, it can be argued that the 2016 Citroen Dispatch has proven itself to be dependable. It came second in the 2020 and 2021 Parkers Medium Van of the Year Award.

How many miles will a Citroen Dispatch last?

The warranty on a Citroen Dispatch lasts for 100,000 miles or for up to 3 years. Many used Dispatches have done over 200,000 miles and are still going strong. Needless to say, the number of miles a Dispatch will last ultimately comes down to whether it is regularly serviced, so to address any minor issues before they cause bigger problems. Of course, the longevity will also be a result of how sensibly it is driven.