Mercedes Citan vs Renault Kangoo: How Do They Compare?

The Mercedes Citan and the Renault Kangoo were joint winners of the 2022 Van of the Year Award. It’s unsurprising that they both won as they are essentially the same design on the same platform.

The Kangoo was introduced back in 1997, while the Citan was offered as a rebadged version by Mercedes in 2012. At first glance, they indeed appear to be identical, but each manufacturer has tweaked the design and added features to make their model stand out.

Suppose you are in the market for a hybrid MPV/small van and want to understand the benefits of the Mercedes Citan vs Renault Kangoo. In that case, this guide may help you decide which is suitable for you by comparing engines, external features, interiors and cargo capabilities.

Mercedes Citan vs Renault Kangoo

Engines comparison

On the Renault Kangoo, you will find three 1.5L dCi turbodiesel engines with a choice of 80hp, 95hp and 115hp. All their versions come with a 6-speed manual gearbox, making it a superior choice compared to other small vans. They are likely to bring out a single petrol version in the UK in 2022 to meet the demand for economical fuel prices.

On the Mercedes Citan, you will discover they have a choice of a 1.5L turbodiesel engine or a 1.2L petrol turbo engine. Interestingly both these are Renault engines. The 1.5L turbodiesel has either 90hp or 110hp, while the petrol option gives you 114hp.

There are some exciting developments when considering Mercedes Citan vs Renault Kangoo for the future of electric vehicles.

The Renault Kangoo was the first off the block for releasing an electric van in 2020. The Kangoo ZE has a range of up to 186 miles. Mercedes will follow with an e-Citan cargo van in late 2022.

External comparisons

The Renault Kangoo would not win a five-star review for being sleek or stylish. It has a dumpy appearance that shouts commercial vehicle although the 2021 version upgraded the look.

A low profile badge and grille heighten the functional design. The newer versions have an updated grille that reflects the changes to the Renault car ranges, making it more SUV in appearance with c-shaped headlights.

The Mercedes Citan looks similar but has smoother lines and a chunky grille dominated by the famous Mercedes badge in an attempt to win over customers who desire a more upmarket image.

Other than that, the only other difference is Mercedes’s slight upgrade to the suspension.

Interior comparisons

It is in the interior that you will find the most differences between the Mercedes Citan vs Renault Kangoo. As you might expect, the Renault Kangoo has a practical and operational feel to the cabin with very few updates.

Although the cabin remains spacious, it is black plastic with only a nod to modern technology, although it has some great storage.

Mercedes have delivered a luxury feel expected in any of their vehicles. They have optimised the spacious interior to bring in technology, infotainment and a more classy look associated with their brand.

Cargo carrying comparisons

When it comes to loading performance, both the Citan and the Kangoo have the same design. One benefit of both vehicles is that they have been designed to hold a Euro Pallet in the back.

The original Kangoo became so popular thanks to the payload and size of space in such a small vehicle. It holds up to 4.6 cubic metres, which is exceptional for the size of the vehicle, while the Citan holds 3.8 cubic metres.

Regarding payload, Mercedes has managed to optimise the load a little but nothing significant. It can handle 810kg, while the Kangoo is 800kg.


So, when it comes to deciding between the Mercedes Citan vs Renault Kangoo, it might come down to personal choice and brand loyalty because there is little difference in the essential features.

You cannot get away from the fact that the basic design and platform are the same. Most importantly, both vehicles use Renault engines and are manufactured in the same plant in France.

For loading, there isn’t any significant difference in capability.

If you want a hardworking, value-for-money, spacious small van or MPV, then the Kangoo makes the better choice. However, if you want a better-styled, more advanced cab or desire the Mercedes badge, you may wish to pay the extra price.

For those who want electric, the Kangoo ZE is your only choice until Mercedes brings out the eCitan in 2022.