Renault Kangoo Problems: Are They Reliable?

The Renault Kangoo first came on the scene in 1997, and is one of the best selling vans in Europe. Marketed predominantly as a small van for commercial use, it also comes in a passenger variation. The Renault Kangoo comes in two different body lengths, standard, and Maxi. It is equipped with a diesel engine, and also comes in a fully electric version. Being known for having lower running costs has helped cement the Renault Kangoo as a popular sight on our roads.

Mercedes-Benz has adapted the Renault Kangoo with their branding, to create the Mercedes Citan. Additionally, Nissan has tailored the Kangoo with their badge to create the Nissan Kubistar. For both Nissan and Mercedes to show such confidence in the Kangoo as to put their names on it, it leads you to believe that the Kangoo must be a robust performer. But let’s take a closer look at the Renault Kangoo to assess if it truly is a reliable van.

Renault Kangoo Common Problems

Renault Kangoo

Renault Kangoo Electrical Problems

The Renault Kangoo is quite the star when it comes to driving performance, but it is known to have it’s share of electrical problems. The battery connections on the Renault Kangoo are known for not being the best, and are often the culprit behind the van failing to start. When it comes to the electrical wiring, it seems that many of the connectors in the Kangoo are temperamental.

This makes it quite common for various dashboard warning lights to flash at times, such as the airbag warning light and glow plugs warning light. Additional issues as a result of the wiring can be for the electric windows to fail to work, or for there to be problems with the power steering.

Renault Kangoo 1.5 dci Engine Problems

The Ranault Kangoo’s K9K diesel turbocharged engine is known to have issues with the connector rod bearings. Also, the Delphi injectors of the engine tend to be very sensitive to the quality of fuel used. The oil consumption of the Kangoo’s 1.5 dci engine is rather high, prompting the need for regular oil changes and servicing.

Additionally, it can frequently leak some oil from the rear block of the engine, which is often caused by the seals being broken. Another common issue with the Kangoo 1.5 dci is to do with the glow plugs, which can prevent the van from starting properly.

Renault Kangoo Gearbox Problems

The gearbox on the Renault Kangoo often wears rather quickly. Creaking sounds when changing gear can be common. Problems with the Kangoo jumping out of gear are often reported, along with struggling to get the van into gear. This can be because of a linkage issue. Other gearbox related issues include a burning smell, grinding, clunking sounds, and a speed getting stuck when driving.

Renault Kangoo Starting Problems

It is not uncommon for the Renault Kangoo to experience starting problems. As mentioned previously, this can be related to issues with the battery connections, as the wiring in the Renault Kangoo is known to be vulnerable. Another common cause of starting issues are to do with the glow plugs. The Renault Kangoo’s key is known to break and ro need repairing or replacing, and it is common for the Kangoo to have issues with a faulty immobiliser.

What Is the Best Year for Renault Kangoo Vans in Terms of Reliability?

In 2019, the Renault Kangoo Z.E., which is the electric version of the vehicle, was the number one selling electric light commercial vehicle in Europe. This makes the 2011 Kangoo Z.E. up for consideration for being the best in terms of reliability. However, the 2022 Renault Kangoo took the title of the International Van Of The Year 2022 Award, leaving us to deduct that 2022 is the best year for the Renault Kangoo when it comes to reliability.

How Many Miles Will A Renault Kangoo Last?

Always a difficult question to answer, for how many miles a Renault Kangoo will last comes down to how often it is serviced and maintained. Additionally, how the van is driven, not to mention a little luck, can also influence the longevity of any vehicle. Around the 150,000 mile mark seems to be common for many Renault Kangoos. However, some Renault Kangoo owners report to doing well over 200,000 miles with their Kangoo still going strong