Vauxhall Movano Problems: Are They Reliable?

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For one of Vauxhall’s larger vans, which has been around since 2010, the Vauxhall Movano stands up to its competition for reliability. It may not be the most hi-tech van in its class, but I think it does have a well-earned good reputation. Whilst the Vauxhall Movano is not the biggest seller in the UK, owners often stick with it for a long time because of its reliability. 

When asking owners are they reliable, there are some common Vauxhall Movano problems, such as gearbox faults, injector issues and emission control faults. However, since the engine is durable and tough, a good service plan will keep a Movano on the road for a long time. 

Are Vauxhall Movanos reliable?

The Vauxhall Movano’s good reputation for reliability does not mean it doesn’t have any issues at all. However, with very few major recalls since 2010 you can be reassured that this van makes a good value investment providing it comes with a full service history. Vauxhall Movano problems are often easily fixed if attended early. 

Compared with other vans at the 3500 kg payload, you can expect to find a decent engine but very few frills. This has recently changed with the 2020 upgraded model that came with extra safety equipment and an upgraded range of 2.3-litre diesel engines, with twin-turbo technology for better fuel efficiency and performance. A planned electric model will also meet the latest Euro emissions regulations. 

Gearbox Problems

The most common PK6 PF6 gearbox problem on a Vauxhall Movano will be wear on the bearings that can lead to complete failure. It is important to heed advice from garages that spotting a problem early can make a repair economical whereas leaving the problem may involve repairs that are too costly to solve.

If you hear a distinctive whine or hum from the engine at around 40mph it is worth seeking advice from a dealer promptly to see if the bearings are on their way out and getting your van a swift repair. Fortunately, the 2020 model has a standard-fit six-speed manual transmission with a car like action that is less glitchy than the one fitted on older models. 

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Central Locking Problems

Central Locking problems on older Movano vans seem to stem from the wiring being made from lightweight wire that can fail. This particularly affects the rear and side doors. Getting this replaced should solve the problem. Alternatively, the fuse connected with the lights might have blown as this impacts the central locking system. 

The newer 2020 model has an issue with the key that often fails because of the groove design. It is a difficult problem to solve without help from a dealer but as it is widely reported you should be able to get a fix under warranty.

Power Steering Problems

There was a recall on Vauxhall Movano models from 2017 and 2018 regarding a problem with the display of alerts when there was a failure from the power steering assist pump. This requires a return to the dealer for sorting. 

Some owners do report their steering becoming stiff and this is usually down to a failure in the steering pump. Either air is getting into the system from a leak, the valve may be faulty, or the pump will need replacing. 

Starting Problems

Starting problems on a Vauxhall Movano are often due to low compression or fuel problems such as faulty injectors. Owners report that they have experienced issues with the relief valve on the fuel rail passing which is one of the most common Vauxhall Movano problems. It’s worth checking whether you only have a starting problem on a cold start.

Depending on the age of the van you might also need to check for faulty injectors, the fuel pressure regulator, the fuel filter, crank sensor fault or faulty plugs.

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Turbo Problems

Some Vauxhall Movano owners have reported problems with their turbo booster. Turbo problems will result in your van struggling with acceleration especially on hills where it needs to work harder to maintain speed. 

Other signs of turbo problems can be a smoky exhaust when attempting to accelerate or hearing a dreaded whining noise. The best cure for a failing turbo is a full inspection by a garage. Although a new turbo may be required it can be simply down to a dirty filter or dirty oil. 

2.5 CDTi Problems

Generally, the 2.5 cdti engine on the older Movanos, is chain driven engine and appears to be pretty durable. However, sometimes it seems to come with its own particular problems. A lack of power, faulty injectors, a faulty actuator, or a faulty turbo are common issues. 

Newer Movano engines have been built with new parts to enhance efficiency and should experience less of the older model’s irritations. 

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Immobiliser Problems

One of the more prevalent Vauxhall Movaro problems is immobiliser issues. Despite turning over on start-up, the immobiliser kicks in and the engine will not start.

Some owners have got around this tricky problem by disabling the immobiliser. Whilst this isn’t advisable it can get around the problem if no particular fault can be identified. 

Fuel Pump Problems

Fuel pump failures are not uncommon on Movaro vans, and they need to be dealt with quickly to avoid increasing the damage and potential cost of repair. A pump problem can be diagnosed by spotting filings in the fuel filter housing and this is a sure sign that the fuel pump is failing. 

Sometimes the issue stems from dirty connectors in the expansion tank. If the sensor picks this up it will have your van limping along unnecessarily. Easily solved by a clean of the terminals. 

Air Suspension Problems

Common Issues

The Vauxhall Movano may experience common air suspension problems, such as air leaks, worn out air springs, or faulty compressor. These issues can lead to a sagging rear end, uneven ride height, or an overly bouncy ride.

Air leaks are a frequent problem in the Vauxhall Movano’s air suspension system. When there’s a leak, the vehicle may exhibit signs of drooping at one corner or side. Worn-out air springs can cause the rear end of the vehicle to drop lower than usual when parked for an extended period. A malfunctioning compressor might result in difficulty maintaining proper ride height.

Signs of these issues include an uneven stance when parked, unusual noises coming from the suspension area while driving over bumps, and poor handling characteristics like excessive bouncing or swaying during turns.

Diagnosis and Fixes

To diagnose and fix air suspension problems in your Vauxhall Movano, start by visually inspecting the air springs and lines for any visible damage or leaks. Next, use soapy water to identify potential leaks by spraying it on connections and observing for bubbles that indicate escaping air.

If you suspect a faulty compressor, check its condition and listen for abnormal sounds while it’s running. Consider consulting with a professional mechanic if you’re unsure about diagnosing or fixing these issues yourself.

In some cases where simple repairs won’t suffice to resolve the problem entirely (e.g., significant wear), replacing components might be necessary. Always ensure that replacement parts are compatible with your specific Vauxhall Movano model year.

Brake Bleeding Problems

Understanding Brake Bleeding Problems

Brake bleeding problems in Vauxhall Movano vans can occur due to air entering the brake system, leading to a spongy or soft brake pedal. This issue affects the braking efficiency and overall safety of the vehicle. When air is present in the brake lines, it prevents proper fluid pressure from reaching the brakes, resulting in reduced stopping power.

Brake bleeding issues are common in many vehicles, including large vans like Vauxhall Movano. It’s crucial to understand that these problems can arise due to various reasons such as low brake fluid levels, damaged brake lines, or improper maintenance.

Indications of Brake Bleeding Issues

One of the clear indications of brake bleeding problems is a soft or spongy feel when pressing on the brake pedal. If you notice that your van takes longer distances to come to a complete stop than usual or experiences decreased responsiveness when applying brakes, it could be an indication of air in the braking system.

Another sign may include hearing unusual noises while braking – this could point towards potential issues with air presence affecting proper hydraulic function within the braking components.

It’s important for drivers of Vauxhall Movano vans to pay attention to these signs and address any suspected brake bleeding problems promptly for safe driving experience and vehicle longevity.

Gear Selector Problems

Symptoms of Gear Selector Issues

If you’re experiencing gear selector problems in your Vauxhall Movano, there are several symptoms to look out for. Difficulty in shifting gears, grinding noises when changing gears, or the gear shifter feeling loose or sloppy are common signs of potential issues with the gearbox. If you notice any warning lights related to the transmission system on your dashboard, it could indicate a problem with the gear selector.

Gear selector problems can also manifest as the van not going into gear properly or slipping out of gear unexpectedly while driving. These symptoms can significantly impact the performance and safety of your Vauxhall Movano van. It’s crucial to address these issues promptly to prevent further damage to the transmission system and ensure a smooth driving experience.

Troubleshooting and Solutions

When troubleshooting gear selector problems, start by checking for any visible damage or wear on the gear shifter mechanism itself. Ensure that all linkages and cables connected to the gearbox are intact and functioning correctly. Sometimes, simply adjusting or tightening these components can resolve minor gear selector issues.

For more complex problems such as internal gearbox faults, seeking professional assistance from a certified mechanic is advisable. They have specialized knowledge and diagnostic tools to identify specific faults within the transmission system accurately. Depending on the severity of the issue, solutions may range from repairing specific components to replacing parts altogether.

Handbrake Problems

Common Issues

Vauxhall Movano problems related to the handbrake are not uncommon. One of the most frequent issues is the handbrake failing to engage or disengage properly. This can be caused by worn brake cables, leading to a loose or ineffective handbrake.

Another common problem is the handbrake sticking in cold weather, which could be due to frozen components or lack of lubrication. Some Movano owners have reported issues with the handbrake not holding the vehicle on an incline, posing a safety concern.

Warning Signs

If you notice that your Vauxhall Movano’s handbrake lever feels looser than usual or if there’s excessive travel when pulling it up, these might indicate potential problems with the system. Furthermore, unusual noises when engaging or releasing the handbrake could signal underlying issues that need attention.

In some cases, dashboard warning lights may illuminate to alert you about a fault in the electronic parking brake system. It’s crucial not to ignore these warnings and address them promptly for safe driving.

Effective Solutions

When encountering handbrake problems in your Vauxhall Movano van, seeking professional help from a certified mechanic is advisable. They can inspect and repair any damaged components such as cables, adjusters, or calipers as needed.

Regular maintenance checks should also include ensuring proper lubrication of all moving parts within the handbrake assembly and addressing any signs of corrosion promptly. Following recommended service schedules can help prevent potential Movano problems, including those related to its hand drive mechanisms.

DPF Problems

Overview of DPF

The Vauxhall Movano is prone to Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) problems, which can affect the vehicle’s performance. The DPF is designed to trap harmful particles in the exhaust gases of diesel engines, reducing emissions. However, in Vauxhall Movano vans, these filters can become clogged, leading to various issues.

Clogging of the DPF can result in reduced fuel economy and engine power. If left unresolved, this can lead to more severe problems with the vehicle’s performance and longevity. It’s essential for Vauxhall Movano owners to be aware of the signs indicating potential DPF issues.

Recognizing Signs of DPF Issues

Owners should look out for warning lights on the dashboard, indicating a problem with the DPF. If the vehicle experiences a loss of power or struggles to accelerate, it could be a sign of DPF issues. Another indicator is excessive fuel consumption, which may occur when the DPF is not functioning correctly.

Unusual noises from the engine or exhaust system could also signal DPF problems. These signs should prompt owners to take action promptly to address the DPF issues and prevent further damage to their Vauxhall Movano vans.

Resolving DPF Problems

To efficiently resolve DPF problems in a Vauxhall Movano, regular maintenance and cleaning of the filter are crucial. This involves ensuring that the vehicle undergoes regular servicing and using high-quality fuel to prevent DPF clogging.

In some cases, professional cleaning or regeneration of the DPF may be necessary to clear any accumulated soot and particles. Driving at higher speeds for extended periods can help burn off excess soot in the filter. Ultimately, proactive measures and timely intervention are key to efficiently resolving DPF problems in Vauxhall Movano vans.

How many miles can a Vauxhall Movano last?

The great news about the Vauxhall Movano is that it is a survivor with its tough engine that has been built to last up to 250,000 miles if well looked after.

You should expect to carry out an oil change every 25,000 miles and coolant will need replacing every 100,000 miles but since brakes and clutches last well you should be able to keep this van on the road for a long time.