Nissan Cabstar Problems: Are They Reliable?

The latest Nissan Cabstar, launched in 2007, falls midway between a van and a truck with a small cab design that gives you the benefit of a bigger than average dropside, box or tipping body.

Older models developed an excellent reputation, and the Cabstar has built on this with a robust design that remains economical to run.

The Nissan brand uses reliable engines, and models come with a standard three-year warranty and three years of roadside assistance.

Is the Nissan Cabstar reliable?

Nissan Cabstar

The best thing about a Nissan Cabstar is its durability, thanks to its premium build with quality materials. Both the engines and gearboxes have been designed to perform well.

You will find that there are some common Nissan Cabstar problems with several manufacturers’ recalls issued over the years. Older models can have a reputation for breaking down and becoming unreliable.

Nissan Cabstar common problems

Common Nissan Cabstar problems include issues with steering, noise from the engine at higher speeds, and a bouncy suspension. The vans also develop faults with the fuel pump and ignition system.

Despite some of the frequently reported issues, the Cabstar is popular with drivers who appreciate the extra load capacity combined with good urban manoeuvrability. Its small turning circle often earns it a four-star review.

Nissan Cabstar engine problems

The Nissan brand backs the engines used on Cabstars, but you will notice it is a noisy ride on this vehicle.

Engine problems on the Cabstar include power loss and jerking when driving. Injectors can be the cause of the issue. They should last up to 150,000 miles, but it can cause an imbalance and lead to problems if one fails.

Nissan Cabstar gearbox problems

A faulty transmission often causes failing gears on a Cabstar. You will know you have a problem when you experience difficulties changing gear.

Gearbox issues can be fixed by isolating the problem with the shift lock solenoid, a faulty shifter mechanism or shifter cable or torque conversion.

Nissan Cabstar starting problems

If you are sure your battery is charged, failure to start often comes from a problem with older models with the starter motor auxiliary cable.

On many Cabstars, the harness protector becomes rigid, and it breaks the cable on the starter motor side, preventing the motor from starting. With the vehicle being so open, corrosion can also affect cables.

Nissan Cabstar fuel pump problems

On the 3.0 L Diesel engine, one of the common Nissan Cabstar problems involves the diesel pump. The fault can cause a complete failure to start when it malfunctions.

You may experience power issues or fuel leaks that require repair as soon as possible.

Nissan Cabstar EGR valve problems

The EGR valve reduces emissions by recirculating the exhaust gases with the air. It is an essential component of meeting current Euro regulations.

Another one of Nissan Cabstar problems is EGR valve failure due to loss of vacuum. It occurs because of perforation or a collection of debris, and it will need to be replaced.

Nissan Cabstar immobiliser problems

Immobiliser problems on the more recent Cabstar models often result from the push-button ignition switch or its circuit. You might also find an issue with the intelligent key unit.

Suppose there is no fault with the intelligent key unit. In that case, you may be able to reset the immobiliser system to solve the problem by following the procedure to unlock the steering wheel.

What is the best year for Nissan Cabstar vans in terms of reliability?

Although early models of the Nissan Cabstar built up an excellent reputation for durability, the more recent post-2007 models got the improved engines. The range was rebranded in 2014 as the NT400.

For reliability, models between 2007 and 2014 benefit from the improved Nissan engine design.

How many miles will a Nissan Cabstar last?

The fact that Nissan Cabstars hold their value is significant. As builders and gardeners often drive them, they do less of the short haul deliveries and drop offs that take their toll on smaller vans.

You can expect to find vans with over 100,000 miles on the clock in excellent condition engine wise, particularly the post-2007 models. The Nissan brand is robust and durable, so you can be reassured that high mileage is not a problem, although you should always check the service history.