Fiat Doblo problems: Are They Reliable?

The Fiat Doblo is a small panel van on the market since 2001. The newest version was brought out in 2010 and continues to be a popular vehicle in this class. It offers more options than its main rivals with choices about the wheelbase, the roof height and even a combi version for carrying passengers.

Its versatility means it is a popular choice with those eligible for Motability as it can easily be adapted to hold a wheelchair. Like many Fiat vans, it benefits from their extensive commercial vehicle experience, and the Doblo is considered a reliable vehicle that can withstand plenty of daily use.

Is the Fiat Doblo reliable?

Fiat Doblo

The Fiat brand has a good reputation for producing reliable commercial vehicles, and the Doblo is no exception. It has been around since 2001, with the latest version brought out in 2010 with no fundamental changes since. Its ongoing popularity is a testament to its durability and versatility.

There are some common Fiat Doblo problems but the lack of extras and modern tweaks could be one of the reasons it has a good reputation. After all, very little can go wrong on these vans.

Fiat Doblo common problems

Despite its good reputation for reliability, there are some common Fiat Doblo problems.

Fiat Doblo gearbox problems

A commercial vehicle should have a gearbox that will last for 200,000 miles, but many owners report gearbox failure at as little as 20,000 miles. Problems may begin with a warning light but more often gearbox issues become apparent when it is difficult to change gear and you experience shuddering or sticking. Older models, pre-2010, have more problems than the newer models.

Unfortunately, the gearbox issues on a Doblo are often only fixed with an expensive new gearbox installation. It is worth checking whether the warranty still covers you on a new model.

Fiat Doblo starting problems

A common Fiat Doblo problem is an issue with starting thanks to the failure of the high-pressure pump sensor. If the Doblo fails to start, the pump will need to be replaced to solve the issue.

Slow starting issues can be caused by corrosion on the earth wire between the engine and the chassis. The damage creates a bad connection that causes the starter motor’s excessive cranking that will burn out and fail.

Fiat Doblo fuel pump problems

Many owners report a rather dangerous and specific Fiat Doblo problem with the fuel pump. The design fault involves air ingress into the fuel causing the engine to cut out completely. The problem occurs because of how the fuel is drawn through the filter to the injectors.

These issues occur on the newer Doblo models. Some owners have found that changing the fuel cut off switch will solve the problem. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to isolate a part to replace that will fix this intermittent issue.

What is the best year for Fiat Doblo vans in terms of reliability?

The best year for Fiat Doblo vans regarding reliability is anything post-2010. Since that date, there have been no significant changes, but the upgraded engines have fewer issues.

Quality was greatly improved post-2010 as only 3% of the original parts were used.

How many miles will a Fiat Doblo last?

It is not uncommon for Fiat Doblos to last for well over 200,000 miles. Any common Fiat Doblo problems will probably have been sorted much earlier, so once they reach this high mileage, a vehicle that drives well is likely to be kept going.

Of course, a Doblo that has been well serviced using Fiat parts is more likely to last.